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Clogged drain? Blocked Sewer? If you need drain cleaning, rooter service, or hydro jetting in Tucson, you’ll be delighted with the service you receive from Plumber of Tucson…
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Sewer Line & Drain Cleaning Tucson

Need same day drain cleaning service? With quick scheduling and 24/7 service, we’d love to help. Call now, and we’ll get you on the schedule.

We carry various drain & sewer cleaning equipment, so we can provide you with the most effective drain cleaning/unclogging service in town.

Does your drain continuously clog? We carry hydro-jetting equipment so we can forcefully flush away the gunk that typically results in consistent clogs.

Does your drain need a more abrasive cleaning? We also carry descaling equipment to hone out the inside of cast iron drainage. This allows us to restore older cast iron drains to their original flow rates.

Do you need a sewer/drain camera inspection? We can do that. Seeing what’s going on inside of your drain & sewer helps us to provide you with a specific type of drain clearing. This way, you’ll get a more effective service and a longer lasting solution.

We provide drain cleaning service for any drain in your home.

-Sewer Line Cleaning
-Laundry drain clogs
-Kitchen backups
-Tub/shower drain clogs
-Outside storm drains
-Clogged toilets
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Drain Cleaning Tucson

Because we are licensed, insured, certified, and follow all building codes, you can be confident that you’ll receive a superior level of workmanship and service.

We carry all types of drain equipment including hydro-jetters, snake machines, drain & sewer cameras, locating equipment, descalers, root cutters, and trenchless drain repair equipment.

Whatever drain or sewer service you need, we can handle it. 

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Sewer Line Cleaning Tucson

Tucson Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is a process in which high pressure water, at times close to 4000 PSI, is used to clear pipes of grease, debris, roots and blockages.
Hydro Jetting is a more efficient way to clean your drain. Not only does it just clean and unclog your drain, it is the only way to completely restore your drain pipe to its normal condition. Even tough to clear items like tree roots, sludge, or hardened build up are easily cleared out of your drain with Hydro Jetting.

Why Hydro Jetting?

Simply put, its cost effective.

Traditional methods of cleaning out your drain will still require a cleaning at least twice a year from buildup. With Hyrdo Jetting it’s more economically effective as it completely removes any clogs, debris, or buildup for years to come.

Sewer Line Cleaning Tucson

Here at Plumber of Tucson, we are well equipped to deal with the most complicated drain backups.

By carrying the most advanced equipment for drain cleaning and rooter services we can ensure your drain blockages won’t return.

Even if you don’t have a cleanout, we can still get the drain cleared.

If your sewer line is clogged and you need immediate service, reach out to us by phone now and we’ll get right on it.

Tucson Drain Cleaning
Tucson Drain Camera Service

Tucson Drain Camera Service

Think you have an underlying problem to a clogged drain? We can find it.

Our state of the art high definition color sewer camera equipment can identify problems within the drain.

We can determine cause of blockage, type of pipe, size of pipe, current condition, and even locate the path of your drain.

Need to make a repair? We can pinpoint the exact problem location and strategize with you to get it fixed.

24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning, Marana, & Oro Valley AZ

If you have a drain cleaning emergency in Tucson, Marana, or Oro Valley, we can help.
Give us a call at 520-900-9010.
Call Today: 520-900-9010

Common questions and answers regarding Drain & Sewer Cleaning in Tucson

My drain clog caused a flood in my bathroom, do you clean it up?

Yes, we can help clean it up.  Here at Plumber of Tucson, we not only provide plumbing and drain service but also water damage cleanup from sewer or drain overflows.  We will extract the sewage and neutralize the area. If damage occurs from the water, don’t worry, we can fix that too.

How do your prices compare to other drain cleaning services in Tucson?

Our drain cleaning service in Tucson is one of the lowest in town.  This is because we work off of referrals and word of mouth. We don’t spend tons of money on advertising, therefore keeping our overheads down and passing on that savings to you.  

After flushing my toilet, it backed up in the shower- Why is this?

Each drain will connect into a larger drain at some point in the home.  When the larger drain clogs it will often backup in the lowest point of the home. Because shower and tub drains are at the floor level, this is often one of the lowest points in the home.

Why do I hear a gurgling in my kitchen drain after running my laundry?  

Typically, the laundry and the kitchen drain tie-in together before connecting into the main drain. When one clogs, you may hear gurgling in the other drain because they are connected.

Why does my sewer line clog multiple times a year?

Main sewer lines often clog due to tree roots.  If your clog repeatedly happens, you may have a tree root issue.  A sewer camera can inspect the inside of the drain diagnosing the cause of backup.  If you suspect roots have invaded your sewer line, we can conduct a sewer camera inspection for you.  

Why does one toilet bubble when other is flushed?  

This is a symptom of a clog in the main drain or a clog in the vent not allowing the drain lines to breathe.   Often, toilet lines are connected and then run into a larger drain. When this larger drain clogs, it can affect more than one toilet.  The gurgle is usually one toilet attempting to get air so it can flush. Because there is water backed up in the drain, the toilet gurgles.

How do you get rid of tree roots inside my sewer line?  

The only way to stop roots from entering a sewer line is to repair that section with new pipe and fittings.  Alternatively, if you have a large root mass that has grown inside the drain, you can use a root cutting drain machine to cut out the roots, then flush the pipe with high pressure water jetting to clean the drain.  Once the roots have been successfully cut back, you can inject a foaming root killer in the drain to help stunt the growth of roots. Although this method is effective at not allowing the tree roots to return as often, this method won’t keep them out forever.  

Why does my toilet bubble when shower drains?

This is commonly due to a main drain blockage.  When the water drains from your sewer line it needs air to allow the water to travel down the pipe.  If the drain is clogged, then the air flow can also be blocked. The toilet can bubble or gurgle as it is attempting to get air so it can allow the drain to breathe and drain out successfully.

Can you clear my drain if I don’t have a cleanout?

Yes. There are multiple ways to clear a drain.  We can go from a p-trap under the sink, or a cleanout from a different branch drain.  Alternatively, we can access the drain from a roof vent.

What happens if my drain is broken?  

We can repair it.  Here at Plumber of Tucson, we carry trenchless sewer replacement technology.  This means if your drain is damaged, broken, corroded, or leaking, we can often fix it without needing to dig it up.  Learn more about trenchless sewer repair in Tucson here.

Do you provide drain camera service?  

Yes, we do.  We offer a wide range of drain camera services throughout Tucson. We can inspect small drains and large sewers. We use high definition CCTV equipment to see inside the drain.  We can also locate the path of the pipe and pinpoint problem areas down to the inch. Need to know where to dig? We can handle it. Do you suspect a problem within your pipes? Let us know, we can help using drain and sewer camera technology.

What kind of equipment do you use for drain cleaning?

We employ various forms of equipment for drain cleaning.  From standard rooter machines to high pressure water jetting equipment.  We also carry specialized root cutting machines and cast iron de-scaling equipment.  This allows us to handle pretty much any drain issue you have. We carry small machines for tubs and showers and large sewer cleaning machines for commercial projects.  If you have a drain problem, we can fix it.

How Much Does it Cost to Unclog/Snake a Main Sewer Line in Tucson?

Cost for unclogging a main sewer line ranges from $149 to $357. The price can vary based on the sewer access, location of the cleanout, composition of sewer, the length of sewer, and difficulty of the clog.

How Often Should Sewer Pipes Be Cleaned?

Sewer pipes shouldn’t need routine maintenance, unless there is a mechanical failure in the sewer system that causes persistent clogs. A mechanical failure could be a root intrusion that has invaded the sewer line, a sewer line that has reverse grade (when the sewer line slopes the wrong way) or a “belly” or there is a broken, cracked, or missing section of sewer pipe.
If you don’t have a mechanical failure in your sewer pipe, there isn’t a reason to have the sewer cleaned. If you are experiencing routine clogs in your sewer, it’s best to have a plumber use a sewer camera to inspect and identify the cause of routine blockages.

How Do I Clear My Main Sewer Line?

Clearing your main sewer line requires the use of drain/snake equipment. This equipment can be rented from places such as Home Depot. To help you best, use YouTube to learn how to operate a drain/snake machine and ascertain if it’s something you can comfortably handle without calling a plumber. If you need a plumber to unclog your main sewer line, we’re more than happy to help. Give us a call today.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Your Drains?

Drain cleaning service is usually in the range of $149 to $357. Drains can clog for various reasons and the equipment needed to clean/unclog your drain can affect the price.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Clogged Sewer Lines?

Although coverages for properties can vary, as can insurance company policies, we usually find that most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover clogged sewer lines in the Tucson area.

How Do I Know if My Main Sewer Line is Clogged?

Since all the drains within the home connect to the main sewer line, multiple drains will be affected when your main sewer line is clogged. The easiest way to tell if the main sewer line is clogged is by running water down a sink, shower/tub, or by flushing the toilet and see if water rises or backs up in the shower/tub. If you flush your toilet and you see water in the shower/tub, then your main sewer line is clogged. If you run water down your kitchen drain and your toilet gurgles, then your main sewer line is clogged.

Can a Plumber Unclog a Sewer Line?

Not all plumbers provide sewer clearing service, however, most of them do. If you need a Plumber in Tucson to unclog your sewer line, count on us at Plumber of Tucson.

Is a Clogged Sewer Line an Emergency?

As long as you don’t continue to use the water a sewer line clog can wait until a plumber can arrive to help. The sewer will not continue to overflow as long as you discontinue the use of water in the house. That includes not running wash machines, dishwashers, or flushing toilets.

Why Your Toilet Gurgles Bubbles When Another Drain Is Used

drain cleaning services tucson

If you noticed your toilet bubbling or gurgling after a separate drain is used, it is a common sign that your main sewer line is clogged.

All the drains in the home are connected to the main drain. To make it easier to understand, think of your drain configuration like a tree with all of its branches. Each branch (drain) leads into a tree trunk (main sewer). The main (trunk) sewer line collects all the waste from each fixture and then heads to the city sewer to dispose.

If you have a clog that is related to only one fixture (meaning the clog is only affecting one drain, not multiple,) this means it is only a branch drain clog.

If you have a clog that is affecting multiple drains or is backing up into another drain, this usually signifies the clog is deeper down the line.

When drains are connected, and one of them clogs, very often the water will surface at a low spot in the home.

The toilet and shower/tub are the fixtures that are typically lowest to the ground. Being that your main sewer line is located under the home, the lowest fixtures in the home are usually a toilet or tub/shower.

Why does the drain gurgle or bubble?

This happens because the drainage system is trying to get air to breathe. The vent pipes (the drainage pipes that stick out of your roof) not only allow sewer gasses to escape but also allow air into the drain to allow the drain to flow.

Think of a straw you would use for drinking. If you stuck the straw into a cup full of water, blocked the end of the straw, and then pulled it out, all the water would remain in the straw. Your drains work similarly, in that they need air to drain.

When using a drain that backs up into the other, this tells you two things:

1. The drains are connected together.

2. There is a clog in the drain line that supplies drainage to those two fixtures.

In the illustration below, you will see how two drains can be connected, and at what point the clog may exist.

clogged section of toilet

As you see, if the drain connecting the kitchen and laundry drain clogs, it will affect both drains.  Whichever fixture is located at the lowest level, the water will rise in that fixture. 

Symptoms of a Clogged Main Sewer Line

-Drain gurgles or bubbles when being used

-Toilet backs up into the bathtub or shower

-Toilet gurgles or bubbles when flushed

-Toilet flushes slow or backs up into another toilet

-Sink or toilet gurgle when another drain is used

-Sink gurgles when washing machine is draining

-Toilet overflows when washing machine drains

-Shower or tub fills up when another drain is used

-When a drain is used it backs up into a floor drain or basement drain


How do I determine where the blockage exists in my drain?

There are 3 main reasons for a clogged main sewer line

1. Tree roots

Tree roots are the number one cause of sewer line clogs.  Roots are very strong and can easily penetrate older sewer lines. Commonly, tree roots invade fittings that are weak in the pipe.  When roots overtake the sewer line, water, debris, and solids can no longer pass through. Eventually, the drain backs up into the home. 

tree roots damaged drain

2. Reverse grade or “Belly” in the Drain

(also known as low area, sag, or flat spot)

Reverse grade (belly) is when the sewer pipe slopes the incorrect way. This could be caused by earth shifting (earthquakes or other geological occurrences)  which may add pressure to the pipe resulting in distortion. Bellies can also occur when tree roots push down on the sewer pipe in a particular area, causing the pipe to slope incorrectly.  Bellies can also occur because of poor dirt compaction or human technical error.  This happens when the sewer is originally installed.

cracked & damaged drain

3. Broken, Cracked, or Collapsed Drain Pipe

Broken or collapsed sewer lines can result from multiple causes. When roots invade a sewer pipe they can easily bust the pipe, resulting in a collapse. Earth shifting (earthquake) can result in a distorted sewer pipe. Serious ground movement can cause a pipe to completely collapse. Often, old age and deterioration cause sewer pipes to fail. 

damaged drain                 cracked drain

What should I do if I have a clogged main sewer line?

Leaving the drain unattended does not make the issue go away.  When a sewer line clogs, it is important to address the issue immediately, to avoid water damage.  If you are running a dishwasher or a washing machine when the main sewer is clogged, water may seep out of the bottom of the toilet and spread sewage all over the floor. For this reason, it is prudent to be proactive about this issue and take action before disaster occurs. 

There are ultimately 4 things you can do when your sewer line is clogged:

1. Call a plumber to alleviate the drain clog and inspect the cause of backup.

2. Rent an electric drain machine (also known as a snake) from a local hardware store and attempt clearing the blockage yourself.

3. Use a chemical drain cleaner that you can purchase from the hardware store. (Although this method is not recommended by professionals, it is an option for you nonetheless)

4. Leave it, and hope the clog clears itself. (Although extremely rare, it can happen)


Are you facing the problem of clogged drains? If yes, then you are at the right place!

We have been providing trusted drain cleaning services in Tuscon, Arizona since years and are presently acknowledged as one of the best in our field. Our experts are only a call away and are capable of providing complete assistance when it comes to unclogging drains.

Drain Cleaning Service, Tucson AZ

There is not a thing that is out of our range when it comes to drain cleaning. Operating as a team of full-service drain cleaning experts, our service package covers the following:

  • Commercial drain cleaning services
  • Residential drain cleaning services
  • Industrial and municipal sewer and drain problems
  • Slow drain problems
  • Drain repair
  • Emergency cleaning and repair
  • Preventative maintenance

No job is too big or too small for us. We work with complete diligence and precision during all our endeavors and have an impressive track record of delivering excellence at all times. We understand that if neglected for too long, clogged and faulty drains can become a nuisance. Hence, we are focused on providing all-inclusive drain cleaning and repair services that deliver long lasting results. We are familiar with the complexities that entail draining cleaning like the back of our hand and have extensive experience of successfully resolving even the most complicated of problems.

Working to ensure your optimum comfort and convenience, we visit your site when it is convenient for you and offer expert drain cleaning services at an affordable price. Whether it is an emergency situation that you need us to deal with or need to hire our drain cleaning services for preventative maintenance, it only takes a phone call to connect to our experts and benefit from solutions that satisfy the highest standards of quality. Our team comprises of licensed professionals who are available round the clock to tend to your problems while making certain that our customers always receive courteous and clean service. As a result of our expertise and customer friendly work approach we are currently acknowledged as one of the most recommended drain cleaning services providers in Tuscon, Arizona.

You can count on us to deliver timely drain cleaning service round the clock. We have access to latest technology and equipment that are employed by our team to deliver services efficiently and effectively while taking care to cause minimum disruption and no damage to your property. Rest assured, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. Hence, you are to always get the best when hiring our specialist drain cleaning services.

From cleaning your kitchen drains of soaps, fat and grease to removing grime buildup from your bathroom drains, we can take care of all. Offering complete drain cleaning and repair services in Tuscon, Arizona, we are fully capable of your restoring your plumbing systems so that these function smoothly for the longest of time.



  • When you approach us, our experts listen to your concerns.
  • Then, depending on the urgency of the situation, a team of specialist plumbers is dispatched to reach your site at the agreed time.
  • Reaching your site, our experts examine your problem and explain it to you as well as outline all possible solutions.
  • They provide all relevant details and recommend the best of solutions while leaving it to you to make the final decision. Once you make a decision and inform our experts of your choice, they set about to fixing your problem with complete perfection.