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What are the Best Water Softeners for Tucson Water?

The best and most affordable water treatment system with water softening capabilities, is the Green Fusion Combination Water Softener & Filter, part of the Ultima Water Products line, made by Franklin Water Treatment, in Mesa AZ

The Green Fusion system filters the water using coconut shell carbon, removes heavy metals from the water using KDF media, and softens the water using high-quality uniform bead resin.

The Green Fusion system is one of the very few water treatment systems on the market that work in a combined unit filtering and softening the water.

Additionally, the Green Fusion is made in Arizona, specifically for the water quality we have in Arizona.  And it’s one of the lowest cost combined whole house softener and filter you’ll find.

Green Fusion - Made in AZ
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Green Fusion Water Treatment System
Best Water Softeners for Tucson Water



According to the Arizona Water Quality Association, the water supply in most of Arizona is considered “hard.”

Hard water is measured by the amount of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates in the water.

If you find that your dishes have spots coming out of the dishwasher, your toilet has a water stain ring, and your appliances and plumbing fixtures have scale deposits, your home likely has a hard water problem.

The U.S. Geological Survey  shows that Arizona has high amounts of calcium carbonate in its water supply.




Since hard water deposits can be damaging to your plumbing system, often, Arizonans will look to water softeners and water treatment systems to solve their hard water problems.


What are the Best Water Softeners for Arizona Water?

Utilizing our many years of experience installing water treatment systems, servicing, maintaining, and repairing these units, and getting customer feedback, here is what we believe to be the best water softener for Arizona water:



Franklin Water Treatment, manufactures the Ultima Water Softener right in Arizona, made specifically for Arizona water. They have been in Arizona since 1985.

If a part ever goes bad, you can pick one up right in town. If the unit goes out, it can be easily serviced by many local plumbers throughout Arizona.

Why buy a mass-produced product from a hardware store when you have a water softener manufacturer right in your own state?

Franklin Water Treatment also manufactures additional water conditioning products such as reverse osmosis systems, water filters, and carbon filters. These units work very well in tandem with an Ultima Water Softener.

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What is the Best Water Treatment System for Arizona Water?




H2O Concepts is also a company that manufactures their unit right in Phoenix, AZ.

Unlike a water softener, H2O Concepts systems don’t use salt. They are a salt-free system.  These units are designed to remove chemicals in the water, make the taste better, and remove odors.

Water softeners don’t have the capability to remove chlorine or other chemicals. A softener can only remove the minerals from the water. A Water Treatment System (also known as a Water Conditioner) is designed to remove the chemicals in the water making your home water supply more desirable to drink.

Arizona Water Softener Recommendations 2023

Water Treatment Systems For Tucson

There are two main things that people notice with their water in Tucson.

  1. Scale build-up on their plumbing fixtures and dishes
  2. Chlorine odor and dry skin from the chlorine.


What is the best way to solve these two problems?

Install a water softener to remove the minerals causing scale build-up, and a carbon filter (right in line with your softener) to remove the chlorine.

This setup is the most recommended way to treat your Arizona water supply.

These products are available from Franklin Water Treatment, right here in Arizona.

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What is hard water?

Water that is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and manganese. If you find that your dishes have spots coming out of the dishwasher, your toilet has a water stain ring, and your appliances and plumbing fixtures have scale deposits, your home likely has a hard water problem.


Is hard water bad for you?

No. Hard water has never been proven to be a health risk.  Hard water is a nuisance due to the mineral build-up on your plumbing fixtures.


Internet Sites that Provide Information Regarding Drinking Water In Tucson

AZ Department of Health Services

Maricopa County Environmental Services Dept.

US Environmental Protection Agency

Centers for Disease and Control

AZ Dept. of Environmental Quality

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