The Large Pros and Small Cons of Using Trenchless Sewer Repair

The Large Pros and Small Cons of Using Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer drains are a very common issue that all plumbers have to deal with. From installing all new drains from the ground up, to clearing your drains using a cable method to a powerful hydro jetter, to trenching and repairing sewer lines taking care of sewer drains have been a huge part of our business.

The sewer and drain replacement technology has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, with the advent of trenchless sewer line rehabilitation and replacement. We are proud to say we have certifications in all methods of trenchless sewer pipe replacement and have installed over 10,000 feet of sewer line. We want to share with you our trenchless knowledge to help you make the right choice on what is the right fit for you and your sewer line.

Let’s first discuss the different options you have when it comes to trenchless pipe repair.

One process is pipeling. Other terms for this method are epoxy lining, or cured in place lining. This is where a ballon is inserted inside the old pipe with a two-part mixed-epoxy resin, applied and cured in place. Once the curing is completed, which typically takes 2 to 6 hours depending on temperature, the ballon is removed, and essentially you have a new pipe within the old pipe. Most of the time one hole will be have to be created to install.

The other process is pipe bursting. This is a method in which two holes will need to be created to access the pipe that is being replaced from one end to the other. This is done by pulling a new poly pipe and crushing the old pipe using a very strong hydraulic machinery and cable.


The BIG Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Replacement

There are many great advantages of replacing sewer lines using the trenchless methods. Using pipelining or pipe bursting, we have saved people’s lines, landscaping, driveways, very expensive flooring, prevented massive street work and, most of all, saved our customer’s money.

Other BIG advantages include a 50 year life expectancy, pipes that are resistant to corrosion, a seamless pipe that prevents any root intrusion, and smooth inside surface making for a free-flowing drain system.

Trenchless also has advantages beyond sewer and drains. We have successfully used trenchless equipment on gasoline and water line replacement.


Some Small Disadvantages of Trenchless Technology

There are times when it’s too late to rehabilitate a pipe using the trenchless method. The line can be so broken that the only option is to manually trench and replace the pipes underground. When this occurs trenchless technology is not a fit.

If trenchless is not performed properly, there can be some major issues. As always, it’s important to hire the right trenchless sewer company. We have had to perform clean-up work for other trenchless sewer jobs from other companies.  This would happen because either the epoxy was not cured long enough or fittings were pipe-burst right through, blocking drain flow from the other system of the property.

In addition to these limitations, the cost can be a bit more sometimes depending on the application. And please bear in mind that not all local codes and cities approve trenchless technology.


When and Where Can the Trenchless Method be Best Used?

We always recommend using the trenchless method in places where the line is very deep, when the lines are very long, or when the material or landscaping is very expensive to replace.

Other places to use trenchless technology is out in the street. In cities like Los Angeles, homeowners have responsibility out to the middle of the city sewer in the street. Street sewer contractors can be very expensive to dig the street. Performing traffic control and city public work requirements can be overwhelming.  In this case, trenchless technology can help you avoid a lot of headaches.


How to Choose a Trenchless Sewer and Drain Expert

First, ask a friend or neighbor if they had their lines done. If so, get the contact information from them. It’s important to ask any potential contractors these questions.

How many years have they been in business? We suggest at least 5 years.

Was the company clean during the work? Just because its trenchless, doesn’t mean that it can’t be sometimes messy. A good company will use drop cloths, containments, air scrubbers, and vacuums, to protect outside landscaping and inside flooring.

Do they own their own equipment? It is very important that the company has their own equipment, as it is a good indication that they have invested a good amount of money in training.

What products do they use and how long are their warranties? This is important because if the company fails to respond later on to cover their warranty, then you can contact the manufacturer. They should cover it.

Well, we hope this informed you on trenchless sewer and drain technology. It is our passion here at Plumber of Tucson to educate our customers about everything in plumbing. We love to give twice the service with twice the care.