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The Plumber of Tucson Co. provides leak detection and slab leak repairs throughout Tucson AZ. From Water Leak Detection to Water Line Repairs, we can handle it.
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Leak Detectors in Tucson

As Leak Detection Specialists, Plumber of Tucson Can Detect All Sorts of Leaks. Including:
  • Slab Leaks
  • Leaks in a wall or ceiling
  • Main water service leaks in the yard.
  • Irrigation leaks
  • Pool water line leaks
  • Foundation leaks
  • Sewer or drain leaks
  • Mysterious odors

How Can We Be of Service?

Tucson Wataer Line repair

A Few Leak Detection Reviews from People We’ve Helped

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How Much Does it Cost to Have a Leak Detected in Tucson?

In most cases, leak detection service in Tucson is $375. This includes having a leak detection specialist out to your property that will utilize various leak detecting equipment to pinpoint the location. Once the source is identified, a quote can be provided to fix the leak. As you can imagine, not all leaks are the same nor are the properties the same. Some leaks are more difficult to locate due to the size of the property, the location of the water piping, hardscape and landscaping. So, the price for leak detection at your property may be different.  

How do I know how much my leak detection will cost?  

When you set up your appointment with us, we inform you that the average leak detection price is $375.  This is to provide you with a good idea of the typical cost.  Before we start leak detection, we do confirm the presence of a leak  to ensure leak detection is necessary and we also evaluate the property & plumbing so we can provide you with an up-front cost for leak detection.  We always allow you to approve the price and proposal before we start any work. 

how much does leak detection cost in Tucson AZ

What if I only have a high water bill and I’m unsure if I need leak detection?

If you’d like for us to determine whether or not your home has a hidden leak before paying for leak detection, we can certainly do that. This is done by us coming onsite to provide a leak evaluation and assessment.. This service is $149.00.  If you don’t have a leak, then don't worry, you won’t be paying $375 for leak detection. If at this time we verify a hidden leak is present, then we will let you know what the cost of leak detection is up-front, and you approve the price and project before we start.  

How do you determine if I definitely have a leak?

Our leak evaluation & assessment includes a visual inspection, pressure test, isolation test, and meter reading.  These tests will tell us if you indeed have a hidden leak or don’t have a hidden leak. 

What are some other factors that can influence the price?  

Several things can make leak detection more challenging and cost more, such as the size of your home and entire lot.  The type of landscape and hardscape. The configuration of piping.  The size of the leak and the size of the pipe. Also, when we come onsite to investigate, the shut off valves at your main pipe riser  need to be in good working condition because they help us isolate certain portions of your plumbing system.   Sometimes, these valves require replacement before leak detection can start.   Leak Detection requires extensive training, experience, leak detection instruments, and deductive logic.  There is no one specific way to pinpoint leaks.  But rest assured, we come prepared with all the equipment necessary and experience detecting leaks in Arizona since 2005.  

Additional FAQ’s for Leak Detection Services in Tucson

What is a Leak Detection?

Leak detection is when a plumbing & leak detection specialist comes to your property and uses equipment (specifically used for leak detection) to identify the source of your water leak. This is achieved using various equipment, knowledge, experience, and deductive logic to narrow down the source.

Are Leak Detectors Worth It?

Absolutely. Hiring a leak detector can save you thousands of dollars on “trying to find the leak”. Leak detection is a specialty service and not all Plumbers in Tucson provide the service. We’ve been detecting leaks in Tucson since 2005 and have gained a wealth of experience detecting all sorts of leaks. If you need a leak detected, count on us, because we can help.

How Do I Know If My Underground Water Line is Leaking?

This can be determined pretty simply. All you do is shut off your main water supply at the house and check the water meter. With your main water valve off, check the water meter to see if it registers use. If it does, this means your underground water line is leaking.

The video above explains this in more detail.

How Do I Find Where Water is Coming From in My House?

If you are not noticing water anywhere, finding the leak is virtually impossible without leak detection equipment. Not all leaks will surface inside the home. Since water will follow the path of least resistance and often percolate into the surrounding soil, most hidden leaks won’t surface. By hiring a leak detector, such as us, we come onsite with specialty equipment and pinpoint the source for you.

What Are the Most Common Water Leaks in the House?

The two most common water leaks that often go unnoticed is a running fill-valve and a leaking flapper. A fill valve is the component that allows your toilet to fill up with water. It sits inside the toilet tank and operates when you flush the toilet. As this part gets old, it can sometimes allow water to flow through the valve and run into the toilet. Replacing this part is inexpensive and can usually be done with only a wrench. The flapper is the device that stops and allows water to enter the toilet bowl from the tank. When this part gets old, it will allow water to slowly seep into the toilet bowl unnoticed. This is also an inexpensive fix that can usually be done by a DIY’er.

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How Can I Find Where My Water is Leaking From?

Locating the leak on your own can be challenging without the right leak detection equipment. However, it is possible to narrow down the possible location. This can be done by turning off different sets of shut-off valves and corresponding with the water meter. In the video below, we explain how to do this. If you want a professional to handle this for you, we’re always happy to help. Give us a call today.

Is There a Tool to Find a Water Leak Underground?

Yes, there is. However, it’s not equipment that can be obtained and used easily without the proper training and experience. And, because the equipment costs thousands of dollars, it’s probably more financially sensible to hire a leak detection specialist that can detect leaks using this equipment. Would you like to discuss your situation before hiring someone? It’ll be our pleasure to answer questions and discuss your leak. Reach out anytime via phone, text, or email.

high water bill tucson arizona

How do we find your leak?

We have various methods and tools to locate leaks, but the majority of leaks we encounter can be pinpointed using a water line tracing tool and acoustic detection equipment. 

 The water line tracing tool will tell us where your water lines run under the ground and walls.  The acoustic detection equipment is then used over the areas your pipes run so we can use a ground microphone to listen and pinpoint the leak.   

Although most leaks can be found using the line tracing and acoustic method,  there are times where additional equipment and more advanced leak detection methods must be employed.  This can include dye testing, pressure testing each individual water line, thermal imaging cameras, and pipe inspection cameras.  

Regardless of your type of leak or the location, we have the ability to find it, make the repair, and restore your water service quickly.  

You can depend on Plumber of Tucson

Common Questions We Receive Regarding Finding Your Leak

How Accurate is Leak Detection?

Leak detection is very accurate for most Tucson properties. After detecting leaks for nearly 20-years, we’ve encountered all different kinds of leaks under a range of difficult circumstances. There are some properties that make finding a leak very challenging due to the lot size, complexity of the plumbing layout, hardscape, and landscaping. However, most leaks can be located within a 1-foot to 4-foot radius of the source.

I hear water running even when none of my plumbing is on. Do I have a leak?

This symptom is typically indicative of a sub surface slab leak. If your water is running, and you don’t see any wet areas in your home, this usually means the leak is under your slab and the water is contained under the slab and not able to surface. Water will follow the path of least resistance. Often, the soil will allow the water to percolate into the ground and not surface into the home.

If you are experiencing this symptom, the best thing to do is schedule a leak detection service. When we arrive, we will evaluate the pressurized plumbing system and test to confirm whether or not you have a leak.

If our findings conclude you have a leak, we use specialized electronic leak detection equipment to pinpoint the source. If you need the leak fixed, we can do that too.

I just received a high water bill, but don’t see a leak. What is going on?

Sudden, high water bills can often mean you have a hidden leak.

To test this, you can always check your water meter outside in the yard. Your water meter has a dial on it and it moves when water flows through the pipes.

If none of your plumbing is on in the home, but your water meter is moving, that means you have a hidden leak. This leak can be in the irrigation, pool water filler line, or under your slab.

If you would like some help diagnosing your problem, call us at 520-900-9010, and ask for Joe. We can discuss your situation over the phone and we can help you determine whether or not you have a leak that needs leak detection service.

I have a wet floor in one spot of my home. What’s going on?

Your home will have water lines that run through the walls, ceiling, attic, and sometimes under your slab. You will also have drain lines that run under your slab.

If you notice water on your floor, you will want to check your water meter to see if your pressurized plumbing system is leaking.

The water meter is located in your yard. Either in the front yard near the street, or in your backyard alley.The water meter has a dial on it that rotates clockwise when water flows through your piping. If the dial moves even when none of your plumbing is being used, this may be a hidden leak.

If you are unable to locate any obvious sources of a leak, give us a call.  We can help you ascertain whether or not you need leak detection service.

I have a warm floor. Is this a hot water leak?

In most cases, yes. This symptom is almost always indicative of a hot water line leaking under your floor.

The hot water pipe is usually the first to leak in your home. This is because hot water carries more contaminants with it and can erode your copper water piping faster than cold water.
To detect this leak, we use thermal imaging equipment and acoustic sound detectors to pinpoint the leaks location.

Once we have determined the location of the leak, we can develop a plan for repairs. Give us a call today, and we’ll get you fixed up right away.

I can see water surfacing from under my floor. Is this a slab leak?

If you can see water surfacing or running along or under the floor, you have one of two problems.

A slab leak– where one of your water pipes has developed a hole in it under the concrete and now water is surfacing into the home.

Or, you have a leaking water pipe in the wall and water is traveling to the ground and spreading out on the floor.

If you have plumbing in the area where you see the water, your leak may be deriving from that set of plumbing. If you don’t have plumbing in the area you see the water, your leak may be sourcing from under the floor. To confirm where your leak is coming from, we would need to use leak detection equipment to help us determine the source. Give us a call now, explain your situation, and we can set an appointment to come onsite and investigate the source of your leak.

Can You Detect a Water Leak Under Concrete?

Yes, we can. The most effective way to detect a leak under concrete is by using ultrasonic/acoustic leak detection equipment. Additionally, infrared camera equipment can be used to help narrow down the source.

What if my leak is in the pool?

If the leak is within the pool, you’ll have to contact a pool company.  If the leak is within the piping leading up to the pool filler, then we can help.  

We have over 18 years of experience locating mystery leaks. Count on the Plumber of Tucson to help with your pool water line leak. 

wet floor tucson az

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Should I repipe my house?

This depends on your specific situation.  There are certainly some advantages to preemptively repiping, but it’s not always necessary.   If the leak you are currently experiencing is not the first one you’ve had, then this leak could be a sign of more leaks to come.  Repiping may be a lower cost, longer term solution to protect your home from future leaks.  Are you planning on selling the home? Repiping can surely be attractive to new home buyers. 

Is this your first leak and you’ve been in the house a long time?  

If this is your first leak, it’s usually not necessary to jump to repiping.  One leak is not indicative of future leaks.  

You can also get an estimate to repipe your entire house and then a second estimate to make a repair.  Compare the costs.   If repairing the leak is going to be half the cost of a whole house repipe, then a repipe may be financially sensible.   

Does your home have polybutylene or galvanized pipes? 

Polybutylene piping and galvanized pipes are materials that are no longer being used in plumbing.  Most home inspectors look for these materials when working for potential home buyers and list them as a red-flag.  If you have polybutylene or galvanized piping, it’s a good idea to compare the repair costs to a whole house repipe.  If you can afford a repipe, it’s usually the better option.  If you have poly pipes or galvanized and can’t afford a whole house repipe, don’t fret.  You don’t always need to immediately repipe.  Repairs can last several years or more and provide you with time to save up for a future reppipe.  Either way, we’re always here to help you go over repair options and provide insight about the process and costs.  

Does repiping fix poor water pressure or brown rusty water?

Yes, repiping will get rid of the rust colored water and improve water pressure and water volume throughout the entire house. 

Does repiping my house increase the selling value?

According to the many realtors and investors we’ve worked for, repiping your house most often adds to its value.  One of the things potential buyers and home inspectors look for is updated piping.  If you have polybutylene or galvanized, replacing the pipes can be a good investment to increase your home value.  If you are considering a repipe solely for the purpose of increasing your home’s value, it’s probably best to consult with a local real estate professional that can assess the specific market conditions and provide better insight based on current buyer preferences. 

Want to learn more about repiping, the process, and the cost?

Tucson whole house repiping

Unsure you have a leak and need to confirm?

High water bill? Water staining? If you are seeing signs of a possible leak, but uncertain a leak is present, and you don’t want to proceed with leak detection service until it’s confirmed -we can help. 

Here is the process if you suspect a leak but are unsure: 

First thing we need to do is come onsite and provide a leak evaluation & assessment.  

The leak evaluation & assessment includes a visual inspection, pressure test, isolation test, and meter reading. These combined tests will tell us if you indeed have a hidden leak or don’t have a hidden leak. 

This leak evaluation & assessment is $149.  After the assessment, If we determine that advanced leak detection is necessary, you don’t pay $149 plus the cost of leak detection, you only pay for one or the other.  

If a leak is confirmed, that is the time we can start advanced leak detection, which includes various methods and tools to pinpoint, such as: Acoustic leak detection, thermal imaging, pressure testing, dye testing, and pipe inspection cameras. 

Depending on the situation and type of leak suspected, these methods will be used individually or in combination. 

hot water leak

Slab Leak Detection

If you’re experiencing signs of a slab leak and need detection to pinpoint, we can provide this service.    

Depending on the specific circumstance, slab leak detection is generally $375.  This will tell us where your leak is and what we need to do in order to repair it. 

Already know where your leak is and just need an estimate?  

We can help.  We do need to come onsite to evaluate properly and then we will compose a written estimate.  Reach out today so we can set up an appointment. 

What is the most common repair method for slab leaks?

Most often, a “water line reroute” is the preferred method of repair.  It’s usually lower cost, less invasive, and doesn’t require cutting into your slab.  

What is a water line reroute? 

According to plumbing codes, your water pipes are not allowed to have any connections under the ground.  So when the home was built, the pipe only loops under the ground but comes up in a wall before connecting to a plumbing fixture.  Right before the fixture, the pipe (inside the wall) will have a fitting that allows for a new line to be added and looped under the ground to another fixture, and so on.  This web of pipes is all connected inside your walls.  Part of the leak detection service is to locate where the leaking line is and where it’s connected inside the wall.  We then cut out that connection to abandon the pipe under the ground.  We create a new connection, and instead of looping underground, we use the walls and ceilings to “reroute” the water pipe.  This will preserve the integrity of your foundation and almost always save you money compared to repairing under the slab.  

A water line reroute also means you have a completely new water line, instead of a repair to an older, already leaking water line.  

How much does a water line reroute cost? 

Price is relative to the home and specific set up.  But we can provide some average prices for you to gauge costs.  

Simple water line reroutes will range from $700 to $1200.  Moderate reroutes will range from $1300 to $2200.  And challenging, more difficult reroutes will range from $2300 to $3500.   

Does homeowners insurance cover a water line reroute?

Sometimes.  It does depend on how the claim is filed. Coverage does vary between policies and insurance companies. Working with insurance can be technical and full of red tape.  To get you the most accurate information possible, call us directly so we can further discuss your specific circumstance.  

Does homeowners insurance cover a slab leak repair? 

Depends on your circumstance and how the claim is filed.  Not to worry, we can help guide you.  Reach out today. 

Need help with slab leak? We can Help!

We carry advanced leak detection equipment to find even the smallest of leaks. If your leak is a mystery, we will solve it. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment so we can investigate your leak and find the source.
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How do you fix a hidden leak?

Tucson Water Leak Detection

Hidden leaks need to be pinpointed first, using leak detection.  Once the source is identified a plan for repairs can be formed.  Then, depending on the extent of the leak, we’ll determine the most financially sensible solution and go over all options with you.

What is the most common hidden leak?  

Slab leaks are the most common hidden leaks.  This is when a pipe is leaking under the foundation of your home going unnoticed.   Water can percolate into the soil for quite some time and may never surface inside the home.

How do you repair a slab leak? 

There are two ways to repair a leak under your slab.  

  1. Cut into the slab and excavate to uncover the leaking pipe.  Repair the leaking section, test & verify the leak has been successfully resolved, and then backfill and replace the concrete section and flooring.  
  2. Reroute the water pipe.  In many cases, it’s more practical and cheaper to reroute the water line using the walls and ceiling, instead of jackhammering the slab.  

What if the leak is outside? 

We can detect and repair leaks outside, too.  Whether it’s inside or outside, we have a solution that will minimize repair damage.  Would you like to see a brief video of the repair process outside?  

Water Line Repair - Main Water Replacement

If you have an underground water leak or need to replace your main water line, we can help.  We’ll need to set up an appointment to make an onsite visit.  We’ll evaluate the plumbing system and assess the property to determine repair/replacement solutions.  We’ll go over these options with you and you can choose what’s best for you and your home.  

What is the cost for an underground water pipe leak repair in Tucson? 

Cost depends on the location of the leak, the depth, landscaping, size of the pipe, and composition of material.  The average cost ranges from about $450 to $1200. 

Check out our brief video here going over the process and costs:

Tucson Water Leak Repair: Pinpoint Detection & Cost

What is the cost for a main water pipe replacement in Tucson?

Cost for an entire main water pipe replacement is relative to the property, but it’s usually in the range of $25 to $40 per foot.   A full replacement comes with a 25-year parts and labor warranty.  This means, once you have your new line installed, it’s protected from leaks for 25-years.  You can check out some of our job photos at the bottom of this page. 

What material do you use for a full main water pipe replacement? 

We can use any material you deem best for your home.  If you’d like our recommendation, we suggest- high density polyethylene piping, also known as PEX.  PEX piping is the most used water pipe in the U.S.  We’ve been working with PEX since 1996, and know firsthand its advantages and longevity.  Additionally, PEX is almost always the lowest cost option. 

Is PEX considered the best piping material? 

PEX is widely considered to be the best water pipe material on the market. It’s resistant to corrosion, it’s flexible, freeze resistant, cost effective, and outlasts most other materials.   PEX also has the longest warranty of any water pipe material out there, at 25-years.  

 Would you like an estimate? 

Let us know, it’s a pleasure to be of service.
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Recent Leak Detection & Water Line Repair Projects throughout Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Sahuarita, & Green Valley AZ.

Underground Leak Detection in Green Valley– This customer called after they noticed water pooling in their front yard. Utilizing leak detection equipment, we located the leak in the main water pipe.  Due to the age of the home, the composition of material was galvanized. After many years, the pipe corroded and resulted in a leak.

Underground Leak Detection
Underground Leak Detection
Underground Leak Detection
Underground Leak Detection

Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab in Tucson- After s slab leak resulted in water damage to the kitchen cabinets, this customer hired us to reroute his water pipe.  Rerouting the water pipe in the walls was less cost, less invasive, and preserved this customer’s home.

Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab
Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab
Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab
Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab

Water Leak Detection & Water Line Repair in Tucson– A leak in the front yard was discovered in the main water pipe.  Since the material was polybutylene, the customer had us replace the main water pipe from the water meter to the home main water supply.  This new pipe was installed in one day and comprised of HDPE PEX pipe.

Water Line Repair in Tucson
Water Line Repair in Tucson
Water Line Repair in Tucson
Water Line Repair in Tucson

Water Main Repair in Tucson- This customer had a high water bill and couldn’t determine where the leak was.  After thorough leak detection, we discovered a leak in the water main outside the home.  A repair was quick and inexpensive.

Water Main Repair in Tucson
Water Main Repair in Tucson

Galvanized Water Pipe Repair in Block in Sahuarita AZ- a galvanized water pipe burst causing a flood inside this property.  An emergency call to us allowed us to get out right away and repair the leak.

Galvanized Water Pipe Repair
Galvanized Water Pipe Repair

Slab Leak Repair in Oro Valley- A slab leak caused water to wick up in the drywall of this customer’s home.  Leak detection pinpointed the leak just below the slab in the bathroom. We were able to reroute the water pipe and save this customer money.

Slab Leak Repair in Oro Valley
Slab Leak Repair in Oro Valley