Tucson Water Leak Detection & Water Line Repair

The Plumber of Tucson Co. provides leak detection and slab leak repairs throughout Tucson AZ. From Water Leak Detection to Water Line Repairs, we can handle it.
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Leak Detectors in Tucson

As Leak Detection Specialists, Plumber of Tucson Can Detect All Sorts of Leaks. Including:

  • Slab Leaks
  • Leaks in a wall or ceiling
  • Main water service leaks in the yard.
  • Irrigation leaks
  • Pool water line leaks
  • Foundation leaks
  • Sewer or drain leaks
  • Mysterious odors

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Leak Detected in Tucson?

In most cases, leak detection service in Tucson is $375. This includes having a leak detection specialist out to your property that will utilize various leak detecting equipment to pinpoint the location. Once the source is identified, a quote can be provided to fix the leak. As you can imagine, not all leaks are the same nor are the properties the same. Some leaks are more difficult to locate due to the size of the property, the location of the water piping, hardscape and landscaping. So, the price for leak detection at your property may be different.

How Can I Find Where My Water is Leaking From?

Locating the leak on your own can be challenging without the right leak detection equipment. However, it is possible to narrow down the possible location. This can be done by turning off different sets of shut-off valves and corresponding with the water meter. In the video below, we explain how to do this. If you want a professional to handle this for you, we’re always happy to help. Give us a call today.

Is There a Tool to Find a Water Leak Underground?

Yes, there is. However, it’s not equipment that can be obtained and used easily without the proper training and experience. And, because the equipment costs thousands of dollars, it’s probably more financially sensible to hire a Tucson Plumber that can detect leaks using this equipment. Would you like to discuss your situation before hiring someone? It’ll be our pleasure to answer questions and discuss your leak. Reach out anytime via phone, text, or email.

How Accurate is Leak Detection?

Leak detection is very accurate for most Tucson properties. After detecting leaks for nearly 20-years, we’ve encountered all different kinds of leaks under a range of difficult circumstances. There are some properties that make finding a leak very challenging due to the lot size, complexity of the plumbing layout, hardscape, and landscaping. However, most leaks can be located within a 1-foot to 4-foot radius of the source.

Can You Detect a Water Leak Under Concrete?

Yes, we can. The most effective way to detect a leak under concrete is by using ultrasonic leak detection equipment. Additionally, infrared camera equipment can be used to help narrow down the source.

A Few Leak Detection Reviews from People We’ve Helped

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I hear water running even when none of my plumbing is on. Do I have a leak?

This symptom is typically indicative of a sub surface slab leak. If your water is running, and you don’t see any wet areas in your home, this usually means the leak is under your slab and the water is contained under the slab and not able to surface. Water will follow the path of least resistance. Often, the soil will allow the water to percolate into the ground and not surface into the home.

If you are experiencing this symptom, the best thing to do is schedule a leak detection service. When we arrive, we will evaluate the pressurized plumbing system and test to confirm whether or not you have a leak.

If our findings conclude you have a leak, we use specialized electronic leak detection equipment to pinpoint the source. If you need the leak fixed, we can do that too.

I just received a high water bill, but don’t see a leak. What is going on?

Sudden, high water bills can often mean you have a hidden leak.

To test this, you can always check your water meter outside in the yard. Your water meter has a dial on it and it moves when water flows through the pipes.

If none of your plumbing is on in the home, but your water meter is moving, that means you have a hidden leak. This leak can be in the irrigation, pool water filler line, or under your slab.
If you would like some help diagnosing your problem, call us at 520-900-9010, and ask for Don. We can discuss your situation over the phone and we can help you determine whether or not you have a leak that needs leak detection service.

high water bill tucson arizona

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I have a wet floor in one spot of my home. What’s going on?

Your home will have water lines that run through the walls, ceiling, attic, and sometimes under your slab. You will also have drain lines that run under your slab.

If you notice water on your floor, you will want to check your water meter to see if your pressurized plumbing system is leaking.

The water meter is located in your yard. Either in the front yard near the street, or in your backyard alley.The water meter has a dial on it that rotates clockwise when water flows through your piping. If the dial moves even when none of your plumbing is being used, this may be a hidden leak.

If you are unable to locate any obvious sources of a leak, give us a call at 520-900-9010. We can help you ascertain whether or not you need leak detection service.

wet floor tucson az

I have a warm floor. Is this a hot water leak?

In most cases, yes. This symptom is almost always indicative of a hot water line leaking under your floor.

The hot water pipe is usually the first to leak in your home. This is because hot water carries more contaminants with it and can erode your copper water piping faster than cold water.
To detect this leak, we use thermal imaging equipment and acoustic sound detectors to pinpoint the leaks location.

Once we have determined the location of the leak, we can develop a plan for repairs. Give us a call today, and we’ll get you fixed up right away.

hot water leak

I can see water surfacing from under my floor. Is this a slab leak?

If you can see water surfacing or running along or under the floor, you have one of two problems.

A slab leak– where one of your water pipes has developed a hole in it under the concrete and now water is surfacing into the home.

Or, you have a leaking water pipe in the wall and water is traveling to the ground and spreading out on the floor.

If you have plumbing in the area where you see the water, your leak may be deriving from that set of plumbing. If you don’t have plumbing in the area you see the water, your leak may be sourcing from under the floor. To confirm where your leak is coming from, we would need to use leak detection equipment to help us determine the source. Give us a call now, explain your situation, and we can set an appointment to come onsite and investigate the source of your leak.

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Our Qualifications:

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I’m unsure of my symptom, but I believe I have a leak.

We carry advanced leak detection equipment to find even the smallest of leaks. If your leak is a mystery, we will solve it. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment so we can investigate your leak and find the source.

advanced leak detection equipment

Tucson Water Leak Detection

Pool Leak Detection in Tucson

Have a leak in your pool?

Sub-surface leaks can be tricky to locate. Utilizing pool leak detection equipment and deductive reasoning, we can pinpoint your leak and help you with a repair.  

We have over 18 years of experience locating mystery leaks.

Count on the Plumber of Tucson to help with your pool leak.

Recent Leak Detection & Water Line Repair Projects throughout Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Sahuarita, & Green Valley AZ.  

Underground Leak Detection in Green Valley– This customer called after they noticed water pooling in their front yard. Utilizing leak detection equipment, we located the leak in the main water pipe.  Due to the age of the home, the composition of material was galvanized. After many years, the pipe corroded and resulted in a leak.

Underground Leak Detection
Underground Leak Detection
Underground Leak Detection
Underground Leak Detection

Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab in Tucson- After s slab leak resulted in water damage to the kitchen cabinets, this customer hired us to reroute his water pipe.  Rerouting the water pipe in the walls was less cost, less invasive, and preserved this customer’s home.

Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab
Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab
Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab
Leak Detection Under Concrete Slab

Water Leak Detection & Water Line Repair in Tucson– A leak in the front yard was discovered in the main water pipe.  Since the material was polybutylene, the customer had us replace the main water pipe from the water meter to the home main water supply.  This new pipe was installed in one day and comprised of HDPE PEX pipe.

Water Line Repair in Tucson
Water Line Repair in Tucson
Water Line Repair in Tucson
Water Line Repair in Tucson

Water Main Repair in Tucson- This customer had a high water bill and couldn’t determine where the leak was.  After thorough leak detection, we discovered a leak in the water main outside the home.  A repair was quick and inexpensive.

Water Main Repair in Tucson
Water Main Repair in Tucson

Galvanized Water Pipe Repair in Block in Sahuarita AZ- a galvanized water pipe burst causing a flood inside this property.  An emergency call to us allowed us to get out right away and repair the leak.

Galvanized Water Pipe Repair
Galvanized Water Pipe Repair

Slab Leak Repair in Oro Valley- A slab leak caused water to wick up in the drywall of this customer’s home.  Leak detection pinpointed the leak just below the slab in the bathroom. We were able to reroute the water pipe and save this customer money.

Slab Leak Repair in Oro Valley
Slab Leak Repair in Oro Valley

Additional FAQ’s for Leak Detection Services in Tucson

What is a Leak Detection?

Leak detection is when a plumbing & leak detection specialist comes to your property and uses equipment (specifically used for leak detection) to identify the source of your water leak. This is achieved using various equipment, knowledge, experience, and deductive logic to narrow down the source.

Are Leak Detectors Worth It?

Absolutely. Hiring a leak detector can save you thousands of dollars on “trying to find the leak”. Leak detection is a specialty service and not all Plumbers in Tucson provide the service. We’ve been detecting leaks in Tucson since 2005 and have gained a wealth of experience detecting all sorts of leaks. If you need a leak detected, count on us, because we can help.

How Do I Know If My Underground Water Line is Leaking?

This can be determined pretty simply. All you do is shut off your main water supply at the house and check the water meter. With your main water valve off, check the water meter to see if it registers use. If it does, this means your underground water line is leaking.
The video above explains this in more detail.

How Do I Find Where Water is Coming From in My House?

If you are not noticing water anywhere, finding the leak is virtually impossible without leak detection equipment. Not all leaks will surface inside the home. Since water will follow the path of least resistance and often percolate into the surrounding soil, most hidden leaks won’t surface. By hiring a leak detector, such as us, we come onsite with specialty equipment and pinpoint the source for you.

What Are the Most Common Water Leaks in the House?

The two most common water leaks that often go unnoticed is a running fill-valve and a leaking flapper. A fill valve is the component that allows your toilet to fill up with water. It sits inside the toilet tank and operates when you flush the toilet. As this part gets old, it can sometimes allow water to flow through the valve and run into the toilet. Replacing this part is inexpensive and can usually be done with only a wrench. The flapper is the device that stops and allows water to enter the toilet bowl from the tank. When this part gets old, it will allow water to slowly seep into the toilet bowl unnoticed. This is also an inexpensive fix that can usually be done by a DIY’er.