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Spend less money getting your drain repaired
or replaced, with Trenchless.

save money with trenchless repair in tucson, arizona

The Plumber of Tucson Co. carries equipment which allows us to replace or repair your drain and sewer lines without having to excavate or dig up inside your home. Contact us today to discuss your situation. We would love to help!

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What is the problem with your sewer line?

Below is a list of the common issues we see everyday, and what we do to fix them. Use the links to learn more about a specific issue.

What is a Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair?

Special Trenchless Sewer Equipment exists which allows us to repair or replace your sewer line without digging it up.

There are two methods of “Trenchless” available. Pipe Bursting (used to replace your pipe) and Cured in Place Pipe Lining (used to rehabilitate your pipe with epoxy)

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Pipe Bursting in Tucson

Pipe Bursting in Tucson AZ

Pipe bursting is most commonly used to replace the sewer line on the outside of the property. Two holes are excavated. One on each end of the sewer line. (one near your home, and the second hole where your sewer connects to the city line) A hydraulic machine is used which “bursts” and breaks open your old pipe. Behind the tool that breaks your pipe, pulls a new sewer into place. This pipe will be a high density polyethylene plastic pipe. Your new pipe is guaranteed to never clog or become defected.

Tucson Sewer Pipe Relining (Cured in Place Pipe Lining)

Pipe lining is a process where we use epoxy to coat the inside of your sewer.

We use a soft, felt tube that we soak in epoxy. Then, we insert this epoxy saturated felt tube inside your drain. After curing, you have a new pipe within your old pipe.

Pipe lining is perfect for restoring the cast iron pipes under the slab foundation of your home.

Tucson Sewer Pipe Relining

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Cracked or Broken Pipe Repair in Tucson

Cracked or Broken Pipe Repair in TucsonCracked or Broken Pipe Restore in Tucson

Cracked or broken drains can be repaired through the use of Cured in Place Pipe Lining.

This technique is extremely effective at repairing and restoring flow to old, leaking cast iron, clay, cement, and plastic pipes.

If your drain is cracked, a liner will seal up the fracture and restore the pipes normal function.


The Process For Repairing Your Cracked or Broken Pipe with Cured in Place Pipe Lining

  1. A sewer camera is ran through the drain pipe to view the condition, size, type of pipe and problem.  
  2. We access the drain pipe from the clean-out in your front or back-yard.
  3. Using a vessel filled with pressurized air, we blow a liner into the pipe under your home.
  4. We use air pressure to push the new liner to the walls of your existing pipe.
  5. Hot water is recirculated through the new liner to cure it in place.
  6. What’s left is a seamless pipe within your old pipe, with a lifetime guarantee.

Root Intrusion Sewer Repair Tucson AZ

Root Intrusion Sewer Repair Tucson AZ Before
Root Intrusion Sewer Repair Tucson AZ After

Roots that have invaded your pipe can be removed with the use of specialized root cutting drain equipment.  A high pressure sewer hose is inserted into your drain which blasts out 4,000 PSI of water.  (this pressure is perfectly safe for pipes) The high pressure water spins a cutting blade on the end of the hose to remove all the roots in your pipe.

Collapsed Pipe Repair Tucson AZ

To repair your collapsed pipe we need to access two ends of the drain. A high tension steel cable is then ran through your pipe.

On the end of the steel cable is a tool that breaks open your old pipe and creates a new path for your new sewer line.

A hydraulic pump and engine pulls the steel cable and follows with a new plastic sewer pipe made of high density polyethylene

Collapsed Pipe Repair Tucson

Deteriorated or Corroded Cast Iron

Most cast iron pipe is located under the slab of your home. When your sewer fails under the home, it can be extremely invasive to repair.  Luckily, through Cured in Place Pipe Lining (CIPP), a felt tube which is coated with epoxy, can be inserted into the drain- creating a new pipe within the old pipe.

First, we use specialized “de-scaling” equipment to remove the scale deposits in the pipe.

Deteriorated or Corroded Cast Iron Repair

Then, a new pipe liner can be sent into the pipe to rehabilitate and restore the pipe to its original function. You’ll have a new pipe without trenching through your home, and it will last over 100 years.

epoxy pipe lining repair tucson az

Belly, Low Spot, Sag, or Reverse Grade repair.

Reverse Grade repair tucson az

A belly, low spot, or a sag in the pipe virtually mean the same thing – your pipe is draining the wrong way.

This problem is fixed by replacing the section that is sloping the incorrect way.  Utilizing Pipe Bursting tools, we expose two ends of the sewer pipe. We insert a high tension, steel cable through your pipe. On one end of the cable is a tool that breaks open your old pipe and creates room for your new sewer line to be pulled into place.  The new sewer consists of plastic drain pipe made of high density polyethylene.  You’ll have a new sewer line that you’ll never need to worry about again.

Trenchless sewer repair explained

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trenchless drain repair tucson
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