6-Stage Green RO System from Ultima Water Products

6-stage reverse osmosis system by Ultima


  • 6-Stages of filtration to provide purified water with better taste
  • Uses 50% less water than competitor models
  • Made in AZ specifically for our water supply
  • 10-year parts and labor warranty 
  • Adds minerals back to the water after purifying with alkalizer post filter
  • Highly efficient, low water use, complete purification.


Why Choose a 6-Stage Green Ro System?

Comprehensive Warranty- 10-years covering the tank, parts, and labor. Most competitor models only cover up to 5-years.  (Warranty excludes filters which need to be changed yearly) 

All Components Carried Locally- Most other brands don’t stock parts locally. Why wait around weeks for parts to ship if service is ever needed? 

Alkalizer Post Filter- Most purified water from RO systems has an acidic taste because healthy minerals are stripped out.  With an alkalizer filter your water has the minerals added back in making the water taste better. 

High Quality Build at Low Cost- Most high-quality RO systems have a premium price because companies spend lots of money to brand and market their systems.  Why pay more when you can get the same quality for less?

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What Makes the Green RO System Better than Others?

More Efficient- In order to make purified water, RO systems must flush some water down the drain.  Most RO systems will flush about 5-gallons of water for every 1-gallon of purified water produced. With the Green RO, it only flushes 1-gallon of water for every 1-gallon of purified water produced.  

Adds Minerals to Your Water-  After the water is filtered to remove contaminants, water flows through a blend of mineral stones picking up the healthy minerals so they can be added back to your water.  This increases the PH level of the water to about 9, making the water alkaline. This also makes your water taste better. 

Makes up to 75 gallons per day- Don’t be afraid to drink all you want. Fill up water bottles and jugs.  Water plants, use it to cook. With a highly efficient membrane, you’ll have more than enough water for everyday use. 

Latest Technology- The Green RO system uses the latest in RO technology to provide better water without high costs.  

6-Stages vs Typical 5-stage- With most other RO systems, you’ll only get 4 or 5 stages of filtration.  The Green RO provides more complete purification with better tasting water.  

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