Two Way Double Sewer Cleanout Installation Tucson

Need a drain or sewer cleanout installed? Get your free estimate from the Plumber of Tucson. We install double two way cleanouts. Get average cost here…
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  • We Are Licensed – Providing you with consumer protection.
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Two Way Double Sewer Cleanout Installation Tucson

Sewer cleanouts allow proper access into the main drain so plumbers can clean the drain effectively.

Without a cleanout, clearing the drain can often be difficult or near impossible.

Here at the Plumber of Tucson, we install cleanouts in any drain.

Let us help you restore flow to your sewer or drain.

Two Way Double Sewer Cleanout

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Our promise to you when installing your cleanout:


We will only use work techniques that keep you and the property safe.

We will only use plumbing code approved materials and parts.

We will never take a shortcut to save ourselves time or money.

We will only  make decisions that are good for you and your property.

We will always have the highest regard for your home.

Working with your best interests are at the forefront of what we do.  From the materials we choose to our work techniques, you will always be taken care of as we deliver the best service imaginable.

Two Way Sewer Cleanout Detail

To install your cleanout plug, the first thing we do is run a drain camera through the sewer to locate the path of the sewer pipe.  We then pick a spot in the yard where a cleanout installation would be viable. We call blue stake to locate any utility lines to ensure a safe excavation.  After uncovering your drain pipe, we cut into the sewer and modify the pipe to allow a cleanout install. We test the new pipe for a leak free operation. We backfill with salt to prevent root growth in the area from damaging the new pipe.  We cleanup and leave the cleanouts at ground level.

Two Way Sewer Cleanout Detail
Two Way Sewer Cleanout Detail

Average Cost to Install Outside Two Way Cleanout in Tucson

Price is dependent on the location of the pipe, the depth of the pipe, size of the pipe, and what is covering the pipe. (concrete, landscaping, etc…) Generally, the average cost to install an outside sewer cleanout in Tucson AZ is $900.00

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Our Qualifications:

Dual Licensed in Construction & Plumbing
We not only know plumbing, we know construction. When you hire us you’ll get a more qualified home service professional on site, not just a technician.

Certified and Accredited
We hold various industry relevant certifications. This education will help us be more prudent when working in your property.

Our Work Techniques Protect Your Home
We wear shoe covers before entering property, lay out mats, floor runners, and protective carpets in our work areas. You don’t need to worry about us causing damage in your home.

Insured, Bonded, and Covered