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Best Tankless Water Heater for Tucson
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Tankless Water Heaters Buying Guide

Price: How much should a tankless water heater cost?

For most whole house tankless water heaters, expect to pay (depends on specific model you select) $1,000-$2,000 just for the unit.  This price range excludes the additional parts needed (water pipe, plumbing fittings, venting, incidental materials) to complete the installation in your home.  

When it comes to installation price, that will be relative to your property, but there is an average range.  Most installation costs range from $800-$4500.  Price can vary due to the extent of work needed, the model you choose, the brand, and the plumbing outfit that’s installing the system for you.  

For most properties, a complete price for a tankless water heater which includes the unit, incidental materials, and installation, is about $4200. 

Since pricing can have a wide range, just text us a photo at 520-900-9010 with the words “tankless pricing” and we’ll respond with estimated pricing for your installation.   

Vent: What size vent do you need for a tankless water heater?

2-inch and 3-inch is the typical size vent for a tankless water heater.  Most residential condensing units only need a 2-inch vent, whereas the non condensing units usually require a 3-inch vent.  In some cases, long runs of venting can require an increase in vent size. 

With the condensing tankless units, the existing vent to your regular tank water heater can very often be utilized by snaking a flexible polypropylene tankless vent through the old metal vent.  This makes for a lower cost installation, because the old metal vent doesn’t require replacement.  

Type: What are the different types of tankless water heating?

The primary types of tankless water heating are:

  1. Gas Powered Tankless 
  • Natural gas or propane. 
  • Capable of delivering higher flow rates than electric tankless. 
  1.  Electric Tankless 
  •  More ideal for point of use applications or when the property has solar power. 
  • Usually requires a substantial electrical supply and dedicated circuit. 
  • Suitable in tight locations as they take up less space than their gas counterparts. 
  1. Outdoor Tankless 
  • Can be either electric or gas. 
  • These units are designed to be installed outdoors and some of them come with outdoor covers. 
  • Outdoor gas powered models don’t require venting, as the vent is designed in the outdoor hood.  
  1. Point-of-Use Tankless 
  • Point-of-use systems come in electric power.  They are compact in size and can even fit underneath sinks. 

Efficiency: How energy efficient are electric tankless water heaters?

Electric tankless are more efficient when used as point of use. Which means it’s only serving hot water to one fixture.  

When comparing whole house electric tankless to whole house gas models, electric tankless are not energy efficient, unless your home is solar powered. 

To compare energy efficiency, look for the Energy Factor (EF) and Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) of the model you’re researching.  

Size: How do I know what size tankless water heater I need? (how many gallons per minute?) 

Each tankless model you research will specify its output in gallons per minute (gpm) of hot water it can provide. If you know your GPM demand, you can select your size based on the GPM demand the unit delivers. 

To make it easier, use a tankless water heater sizing tool to find your exact size.  

Navien tankless makes a simple-to-use sizing tool here: 


Maintenance: How much does it cost to maintain a tankless water heater?

For most tankless maintenance, the price is $249.00.  If you have your tankless installed by us here at Plumber of Tucson, your tankless maintenance is only $149.00.  

If you have a water softener at your home, then your tankless won’t require yearly maintenance.  It’s still a good idea to have it inspected every 4-5 years to ensure the heat exchanger is not building up with hard water deposits, but not required if you have a good water softener.  

Maintenance is something homeowners can handle on their own.  With a tankless water heater flushing kit, found online and at hardware stores, it’s a fairly straightforward task.  

The primary maintenance that’s needed for a tankless is flushing the heat exchanger of hard water build up. 

Popular brands: What are the most popular brands of tankless? 

  1. Rinnai 
  2. Navien 
  3. Noritz 
  4. Rheem 
  5. Bosch 
  6. EcoSmart
  7. Takagi
  8. Stiebel Eltron 
  9. A.O. Smith

Warranty: How long are tankless water heater warranties?

Warranties for tankless vary by manufacturer and model.  However, most warranties for tankless are better than the warranty you get with a traditional water heater.  

The 3 tankless systems that have the best warranty are:

Navien: 15-years on heat exchanger, 5-years on parts, 1-year on labor. (if installed by a certified plumber in their network, and if your home has a water softener, the warranty can be increased to 15 years on heat exchanger, parts, and labor) 

Rinnai: 15-years on heat exchanger, 5-years on parts, 1-year on labor. (certain terms and conditions apply) 

Noritz: 25-years on heat exchanger, 5-years on parts, 1-year on labor. (certain terms and conditions apply)

Keep in mind these warranties are for residential models, not commercial models. Rinnai & Noritz have been known to void warranties when the tankless is installed in homes that have really hard water. 

Water temperature: At what temperature should you set your tankless water heater?

The common recommended water heater setting is 120F (49C).  

How do I choose the right tankless water heater? 

Since most tankless water heaters will be made using similar technology and similar quality materials, it can be challenging to know which to select as the “best.”   As long as you get the correct size tankless, we usually say to select your brand based on the better warranty.  

We’ve been installing tankless water heaters for over 15-years, and believe that Navien makes the best tankless water heaters based on several factors which you can read more about here

What is the most reliable brand of tankless water heater? 

Determining the most reliable brand is subjective and depends on various factors.  However, with our many years of experience, there are two brands that do stand out above the rest- which are Navien & Rinnai.  

How many BTU do I need for a tankless water heater?

The BTU requirement for a tankless depends on the specific hot water demand you want from your heater. Calculating the necessary BTU involves determining the flow rate you need and the temperature rise- which is the difference between the incoming cold water temperature and your desired hot water temperature.  It’s best to use a tankless sizing calculator to more easily make this determination.  

Learn more here: How Tankless Water Heater Sizing Works

New Gas Tankless Installation

Thinking of going tankless? We offer the most affordable tankless water heating solutions in Tucson. Get Endless Hot Water Solutions from us here, at  Plumber of Tucson.

Convenience, long lifespan and cost savings, are a few of the reasons people in Tucson love going tankless.

With a tankless system you reduce the risk of flooding by eliminating your storage water heater tank. Plus, you’ll love the space savings and long warranty of a tankless.

Call today, and talk to our tankless water heating expert.

Tankless Water Heater Installation in Tucson Includes:

  • A free, up-front estimate of all costs.
  • Purchase and supply of a tankless water heater for you.
  • Building code approved, lead-free plumbing parts, equipment, and materials.
  • A 15-year labor warranty on the tankless water heater.
  • A qualified tankless water heating expert to install your system.
  • 1-day installations to get you back in hot water fast.

Common Questions We Receive Regarding Gas Tankless Water Heaters:

Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost in Tucson?

Cost for a tankless water heater installation can vary based on the size unit you need, the location of your current tank water heater, and several other factors. The average cost for a tankless water heater installation in Tucson is $2200 – $3500.

Is it worth switching to a tankless water heater?

Whether it’s worth it or not is relative to the home. Is a tankless water heater good for every home? Not necessarily. The primary reason people buy a tankless is to avoid running out of hot water when they need it. However, many of our local Tucson customers go tankless to add a selling point to their property and increase their home value. A study from Zillow.com on home listing analysis found that homes with a tankless water heater sold for 4 percent more than their expected value.

What is the downside of a tankless water heater?

Cost is the primary drawback to getting a tankless. The upfront cost of a tankless is more than a traditional tank water heater. Additionally, if you don’t have treated water (softener or some type of water filtration) the tankless will be susceptible to breakdowns due to mineral accumulation inside of the unit. Although tankless systems are designed in such a way to reduce hard water breakdowns, no tankless system is impervious to the effects of hard water. Annual maintenance is recommended  if you don’t have treated water. If you do have treated water, you most often will only need maintenance every 4 to 5-years. Annual maintenance is generally $149.00, but is something that a homeowner can easily do themselves.

How much energy will I save going tankless?

The average energy savings we see in Tucson is $200-$400 per year.  However, this is difficult to answer specifically  because energy savings is relative to the use and lifestyle of the property. Here is what the U.S. Department of Energy says about Tankless: https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/heat-and-cool/water-heating/tankless-or-demand-type-water-heaters

Is Gas or Electric Better for Tankless Water Heater?

Electric tankless systems are built differently from gas tankless. In our 15-years of installing tankless water heaters, we see that gas tankless systems last much longer than electric tankless. We also see more breakdowns with electric tankless systems versus gas tankless systems. Whole house electric tankless water heaters are not energy efficient, nor are they energy star rated. Now, if you run your electric tankless from solar power, you can benefit from energy savings. Gas tankless systems are energy star rated and energy efficient up to 99%. Generally, gas tankless is a better purchase than electric tankless due to energy savings, performance, and longevity.

How many years does a tankless water heater last?

The average lifespan of gas tankless water heaters is 15 to 25 years. 

How Big of a Tankless Water Heater for a Family of 4?

For a family of 4, look for a tankless water heater with a gallon per minute (gpm) flow rate of at least 9-gallons per minute.  

How Do I Correctly Size My Tankless Water Heater?

When sizing a tankless water heater, the temperature rise chart is the most important thing to look for. Often, manufacturers of tankless systems display a gallon per minute flow rate with their marketing materials. This flow rate they display, is the highest flow rate the particular system is capable of producing in summertime weather. What the manufacturers often leave out, is the flow rate varies with the incoming water temperature. Will your flow rate be the same in winter weather? No, it will not. This is because the incoming water temperature to your home will be colder than in the summer. Here is a temperature rise chart for a Navien 240A tankless system.

how to size a tankless water heater

Do I need to upsize the existing gas line? 

With a Tankless Water Heater from Plumber of Tucson, there is often no need to replace the existing vent or upsize the gas line. This means cutting the installation time in half and saving money on labor installation. Your Tankless Water Heater installation is wall mounted and takes up a fraction of the space. Getting a Tankless Water Heater in Tucson is now faster, easier, smarter and more affordable than it’s ever been.

How Often Do You Need to Service a Tankless Water Heater?

If you have soft water throughout your home, you only need to service your tankless every 4-5 years.  If you don’t have any type of water treatment system, and the water is over 7 grains per gallon of hardness, service/maintenance is recommended every 1 or 2 years.  Annual or biennial maintenance is generally $149.00, but is something that a homeowner can easily do themselves.

Prefer a Regular Gas Tank Water Heater? We do those, too.

Gas Water Heater from Plumber of Tucson

Here are some recent tankless water heater installations we’ve completed throughout Tucson, Marana, & Oro Valley.

Tankless Installation in Tucson
Tankless water heater Oro Valley AZ
Tankless Water Heater Installation in Marana AZ
Tankless water heater replacement in Tucson
Tankless Installation in Tucson
Cost for a tankless water heater tucson

What is the best tankless water heater brand/manufacturer for Tucson Water?

After installing tankless water heaters for the past 15-years, we believe the best tankless water heaters come from Navien.

First and foremost, Navien is the only company that makes an “all stainless steel” unit. This allows their unit to last much longer than their competitors. Some other benefits exclusive to Navien are…

Navien is the only tankless water heater brand that doesn’t void your warranty if breakdowns occur due to hard water problems. 

  • Excellent technical support in the event of a problem. If you have an issue, they are always there to help.
  • Their design makes it easier for field technicians to service and repair units. This cuts down on service costs and saves you money.
  • Navien is the most recommended unit and the most preferred by our Tucson customers.
  • Navien tankless units have the least amount of breakdowns compared to the other tankless systems we install.
  • Their warranty process is seamless and straight-forward without any gimmicks.
  • Our local plumbing supply vendors all carry Navien systems and parts in town. This means if a part fails, you don’t need to wait weeks for parts while being without hot water.
  • Navien designs their units to be more resistant to the hard water effects of Tucson’s water supply. Simply put, we see Navien last longer and have less breakdowns than the competitors.

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New Electric Tankless Installation 

Need an estimate for an electric tankless?  We can help. We’ve installed virtually every system on the market, including  Stiebel Eltron, Rheem, EcoMax, TruTankless,  Eemax,  Titan, Bosch, and Marey Eco.  

Common Questions We Receive Regarding Electric Tankless

Do electric tankless water heaters use a lot of electricity? 

If you are only using a small under sink tankless that serves one fixture, then no.  If you are referring to a whole house electric tankless system, then yes, they do. However, they are only consuming energy on demand.  So if you’re at work all day, and no one is using hot water, then the system won’t be maintaining hot water temperature, like the traditional tank water heaters do.  

If you look into the electrical requirements of a whole house electric tankless, you’ll see that most whole house sized units will require 36KW with 8-AWG wiring, and 150 amps.  This power requirement usually requires an upgrade at your electrical panel.  

Can an electric tankless water heater run a whole house?

Yes, they can, but it does depend on your hot water requirements and the size unit you choose.  Electric tankless systems don’t have the high GPM output that gas tankless systems do. But  If you have 2-4 people in the home and you don’t use more than 2 hot water taps at a time, then an electric tankless could run your whole house.  If you have 4-6 people in the home and you often run showers simultaneously, while also running a dishwasher and wash machine, then an electric tankless may not keep up with your demand.   

To size correctly, you’ll want to determine your flow rate demand (how much hot water in gallons per minute you’ll need at any given time) and the temperature rise capability of the tankless unit. 

To help you size correctly, you can use a tankless sizing tool.  Here are two of them: 



What is the  lifespan of an electric tankless water heater?

If you have soft water going through the tankless unit, we see them last on average 9-13 years.  If you don’t have soft water, we see their average lifespan reduced to 5-8 years.

 Unfortunately, electric tankless systems are not designed to withstand the impact from hard water.   Gas tankless water heaters, on the other hand, are built to withstand and resist the impact from hard water.  If you don’t have soft water, and you have gas power at your house, it’s usually better to go with a gas tankless.  

Do electric tankless water heaters need to be vented? 

No, electric tankless don’t require venting.  Only gas tankless systems require venting, because they burn gas.  Electric tankless uses electric burners to heat water, so no venting is required. 

How much does a whole house electric tankless water heater installation cost? 

$2800-$4500 is the range of installation cost.  The average installation cost will vary, because most of the costs associated with electric tankless installation pertain to the electrical upgrades needed.  

Prefer a Regular Electric Tank Water Heater? We do those, too.

Electric Water Heaters from Plumber of Tucson

Tankless Water Heater Service & Repair in Tucson

Having issues with your Tankless Water Heater? We can help. Plumber of Tucson services & repairs all makes and models of tankless water heaters. Some of the tankless systems we service:

  • Rinnai
  • Takagi
  • Rheem/Ruud
  • Navien
  • Noritz
  • Stiebel Eltron
  • EcoSmart
  • EccoTemp
  • Bosch
  • Marey Power
  • TruTankless and more…

If you need routine maintenance on your tankless, we can help with that, too. 

Common Questions We Receive Regarding Tankless Maintenance, Service, & Repair

Do Tankless Water Heaters Need Regular Maintenance?

Yes, all tankless systems greatly benefit from regular maintenance.  Because a tankless is much smaller than a traditional storage tank water heater, they are more susceptible to breakdowns due to hard water deposits. If you regularly maintain your tankless, they will last longer and operate efficiently.  

What Maintenance is Required for a Tankless Water Heater?

The primary maintenance needed at your tankless is a flush and cleaning of the heat exchanger.  The heat exchanger can accrue hard water deposits, which cause the system to work harder to heat water.  The flushing and cleaning will reduce the accumulation of hard water deposits and prolong the life of the tankless. 

How Often Do You Need to Flush & Clean a Tankless Water Heater?

If you have a whole house soft water system installed, then you only need to flush & clean your tankless every 4-5 years.  If your home doesn’t have water treatment, then flushing and cleaning is recommended every 1 or 2 years.  

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Tankless Water Heater?

Costs for maintenance range from $149-$325.  Costs will vary depending on your specific tankless unit and the service valve setup below your tankless. 

What Happens if You Don’t Flush Your Tankless Water Heater?

Hard water deposits accrue inside the system and eventually impact the heating capability, leading to a breakdown.  Although we have seen many tankless systems operate in service for longer than 10-years without maintenance, it’s a general rule of thumb and also suggested by the manufacturer’s to have your tankless flushed routinely.

 What Does a Repair Cost if My Tankless isn’t Working?

Repair costs are relative to the precise problem.  The first step is to run the system through diagnostics.  Once the problem is identified, repair costs can be determined.  To run your tankless system through diagnostics to determine the problem, it’s a cost of $149.00.

Do you have a regular tank water heater you’d like replaced or serviced?

We’d love to help with that. We provide regular tank water heater replacements, service, and repairs throughout the Tucson area.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

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Why Choose the Plumber of Tucson for your Water Heater Repair/Replacement?

If your water heater is not working right, making popping noises, or is leaking, We can help! We provide service round the clock and will make every attempt to schedule a time for service that works best for you.
  • We only use work techniques that keep you and your family safe.
  • The plumbing materials we provide are lead-free always!
  • We follow building codes, OSHA regulations, and local plumbing ordinances.
  • We operate in your best interests only. We won’t take shortcuts or try to cut corners to save ourselves time or money.
  • Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.
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Hot Water Heater Repair Tucson

Hot Water Heater Repair Tucson
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What is the best water heater brand?

To be candid, there isn’t a “best” water heater brand. If you really do the research, you’ll see that virtually all water heaters are made the same way.

Water heaters are constructed with a steel tank, a glass lining which protects the steel, and an anode rod which is only in the water heater as a sacrificial metal. In brief, the anode rod sits inside the water tank and allows water to attack it. Because the corrosive water attacks the anode rod first, it preserves the steel tank. Once the anode rod has corroded away, the water then moves to eat away at the steel tank.

So, if water heaters are made the same way which brand do I choose?

Go with the brand that your plumber chooses to warranty with an installation/labor guarantee.

Virtually all water heaters come with a 6-year warranty (you can purchase extended warranties for extra money) on the tank and parts. However, what you don’t receive with your new water heater is an “installation warranty or labor warranty.”

This is where your plumber comes in. Find out which brand your plumber will warranty with a labor guarantee, and that should be the water heater you choose.

Source Links: Popular Mechanics: How a Water Heater Works
RHEEM: How is Your Water Heater Protected From Corrosion

water heater repair Tucson AZ

The most important decision you can make with your new water heater, is the person you choose to install it.

Certain installation techniques can result in your water heater prematurely aging.

What are these work techniques?

  • If your plumber chooses to power up the water heater before the tank is filled with water, it can result in the glass lining to crack, therefore speeding up the corrosion process.
  • When water is heated it expands in volume. The water heater protects itself from thermal expansion issues by having a safety valve installed correctly- referred to as the “Temperature & Pressure Relief valve.” Incorrectly installed temperature & pressure relief valves can result in damage to the water heater.
  • If the water heater is mishandled, dropped, or maneuvered in a rough way, the glass lining can be compromised which will speed up corrosion.

As you see, if your water heater leaks- it’s often due to the way it was installed by the plumber, not because it was poorly manufactured.

The right plumber will handle your water heater with care. During installation, they will use appropriate equipment to protect your water heater from damage. A water heater should be moved with care and a dolly (hand truck) should be used every-time. When lifting a water heater on and off a stand in the garage, special water heater lifting straps should be used to prevent damage to your new water heater.

It doesn’t matter which water heater brand you choose, hiring a plumber who doesn’t work with your best interests in mind will cost you.

Chicago Tribune: Old Water Heaters Can Be Dangerous

Hunker.com: Dangers of Gas Water Heaters

Myth Busters: Exploding Water Heater

What should you expect from a plumber who services, repairs, or replaces your water heater?

Expect them to…

  • Hold an appropriate state contractors plumbing license.
  • Have sufficient insurance to protect you and the property from accidents.
  • Provide you with a labor warranty on the water heater they supply for you.
  • Only use lead-free plumbing parts, equipment, and materials.
  • Expect them to work in your bests interests only, adhere to plumbing codes ,and always have construction safety practices at the forefront of their workmanship.
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What About a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless Water Heater Tucson, AZ

If you need your water heater replaced in Tucson AZ; we would love to help you.

We not only provide water heater replacement but also water heater repairs.

We are a local, licensed plumbing contractor that will deliver a level of service you’ll be delighted with.

Give us a call at 520-900-9010, to discuss your plumbing need. We are happy to speak with you and pleased to be of service.

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