Nelsen Water Softener

Nelsen Water Softener

Why choose a Nelsen Softener:

  • Known & Trusted - With one of the most well-known names in the water treatment industry, you'll get performance & reliability - all backed by a guarantee
  • High Quality Build at Low Cost - Most high-quality water softener systems have a premium price. Companies spend lots of money to brand and market their systems. Why pay more when you can get the same quality for less?
  • Built with Certified Products - All components that make up Nelsen Softeners are tested and certified by WQA and NSF
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What is the Best Water Softener on the Market? 

There are a lot of good water softener systems on the market because the majority of them are built using the same components.  When you research various water softeners, one of the first things you’ll notice is that they all look pretty similar. 

The biggest difference between most good quality systems is only in the name of the unit.  Even when you compare performance between a variety of systems, you’ll often find insignificant differences with operational efficiency.  

Because most systems are so comparable, it can seem challenging to know how to select the right system. As plumbing contractors that have serviced, maintained, and installed virtually every water softener system on the market, we have tremendous insight into the problems that consumers deal with after they purchase a softener.   

To protect yourself from experiencing equipment & service problems that some people encounter, these are the 5-things recommended by most savvy consumers & professionals

-Select a water softener that is local to your city or state to avoid out-of-state warranty & part challenges. 

-Ensure the system comes with a part warranty & a labor warranty.  Many companies warranty the system but don’t warranty labor.  Why pay for labor when the part or system is under warranty?

-Don’t buy an exclusive system (Culligan, Kinetico etc…) that locks you into one service contractor. These companies are not only expensive to buy from, but they lock you in so you can’t shop around for better prices on parts and service.  

-Buy a system that needs little to no maintenance.  Many systems require yearly maintenance to operate properly (GE, Whirlpool, AquaSure, Rheem, etc..)   Systems that require little to no maintenance are built using higher-quality resins. You’ll get longevity and have less problems to deal with.   Plus, you’ll dodge the companies that try to void your warranty because you didn’t maintain your system. 

-Consider price to buy and cost to own.  You can buy a GE, Whirlpool, AquaSure, or Rheem water softener for less than $600.  Seems like a great deal, until you learn that they require yearly maintenance to maintain warranty and performance- making them some of the most expensive units to own.  Buying a system for $1800, with a 10-year warranty, that requires no maintenance, is cheaper than buying a system for $600 that needs yearly service for $325. $600 for the system, plus $325 service each year for 10-years is $3850.  Yikes! 

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