Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining Reviews

Considering sewer pipe lining? Look here for a review of the service

After being in the sewer and drain industry for many years and performing over 3,000 successful sewer epoxy pipe liners, we are here to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of epoxy sewer pipe lining (also known as cured in place pipe).

The good:

Epoxy sewer pipe lining is a service that’s meant to save property owners from the invasive demolition cost, headache, and downtime from traditional pipe replacement.

If you need your sewer or drain pipes replaced and your faced with digging up your floors and tearing up your walls, then epoxy pipe lining can look very attractive. This service has saved thousands of dollars of demolition costs to homeowners all over the world.  In addition, this service can generally be installed in one day. If not being able to use your toilets for longer than a day is not an option, then epoxy sewer pipe lining may be a great option for you. Not only will sewer epoxy pipe lining save you on demolition and downtime without your drains, but will also save tons of money on reconstruction costs. Replacing your sewer may not cost too much, but you’ll need to consider the construction costs to put everything back. Flooring, drywall, painting, concrete, patios, and landscaping costs can add up to much more than the cost of installing a new sewer line. In the saving of money is where epoxy sewer pipe lining gives its best value.

The bad:

After reading all the good it’s hard to believe there is anything bad about this service. So what can be so bad about epoxy sewer pipe lining? For starters, It’s not for every drain or property.  All piping has different conditions and circumstances.  In many cases, by the time most property owners realize they have a sewer or drain issue, the pipe is not in a condition to be lined.  Do you have a crack or hole in your pipe? Some cracks and holes are too large to be lined. Is your pipe collapsed? In many cases collapsed pipes can’t be lined.    If your drain has a back pitch or a belly to it, lining won’t solve your problem.  If your drain has off set fittings, lining may not work there either. You’ll need to find a plumber to run a sewer camera down the line to determine if the pipe is in a condition to be lined.

The ugly:

If you determine you’re a candidate to have your sewer lined and you’re going to pull the trigger and hire a contractor. Be sure you ask the contractor about the problems they run into while performing lining services. If the contractor doesn’t list the problems, then they probably haven’t been offering the service too long, and therefore may not have the experience to get themselves out of a serious problem. In nearly every job we perform, some sort of challenge presents itself. This is normal in the service industry when working on properties. You never know 100% what you may uncover. A technician may make a misdiagnosis or miscalculation when installing a liner and cost the property owner thousands. It’s the experience dealing with the challenges and overcoming them that makes the installers wise. For most areas, especially in AZ, it’s tough to find experienced installers. I’m not sure how you feel, but I definitely want an experienced installer on my property when they are lining a sewer under my home.

If you have questions or need help finding an experienced epoxy sewer pipe installer in your area, let us know, we are always here to help.