Green Fusion Combination Whole House Filter & Water Softener

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Green Fusion Filter & Water Softener

The Green Fusion is a whole house combination filter and softener system, made by Ultima Water Products  in Mesa, AZ.  

By combining uniformed bead resin blend with coconut shell granular activated carbon and KDF sponge, the Green Fusion gives you the most efficient softening and filtering system for your home.  

The Green Fusion is selected by our customers as the Best Water Softener for Arizona water.  This is because it’s locally manufactured and made specifically for our water quality in AZ. It combines multiple levels of media allowing the removal of metals such as lead and mercury, while also filtering out chemicals like chlorine and other contaminants. 

Additionally, the Green Fusion is one of the lowest cost combined whole house softener and filter you’ll find.

Green Fusion Low Cost
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Why should I select the Green Fusion over other systems on the market?

Through intelligent design and the latest technology, the Green Fusion uses 50% less salt and 50% less water during backwashing compared to traditional softeners on the market- saving you money on operating costs.  

And because the Green Fusion is locally manufactured, you can buy a very high quality unit, at a low price.  Ultima Water Products (the manufacturer of the Green Fusion) built the Green Fusion with quality as the prime consideration.  And since Ultima Water Products doesn’t mass produce their systems or pay to do any marketing, they sell the unit at a much lower cost than what you’d find for a similar system. Adding a 10-year warranty to the system which includes all parts, makes the Green Fusion a very popular system for Arizona homeowners. 

Although brands like Kinetico, Culligan, Ecowater, Pelican, and Water Tec all produce high quality systems, they have to elevate their price so they can afford marketing to let you know their product exists. 

Why pay more because of marketing costs? 

Wats inside the Green Fusion

What are some other reasons I should choose Green Fusion?  

The Green Fusion is locally made by a company that has been in AZ since 1986.  

As a local supplier, if parts ever go bad, you don’t need to wait around weeks for repair parts.   Meaning no wait time in the unlikely event something goes wrong. 

The Green Fusion is not exclusive to dealers or installers. Anyone can buy a Green Fusion and get parts, service, or technical support. This is not the case with some other brands of water treatment systems. Other companies like Culligan and Kinetico are exclusive.  They make proprietary parts that are expensive to buy in the event of a repair.  Additionally, they lock you in with one service provider. This means you can’t hire your plumber of choice to install, service, repair, or diagnose that exclusive system.  

As a local company, you also get local support. If you need assistance, you don’t need to call an 800 number and speak to phone support that reads troubleshooting advice from a computer screen. When you call Ultima Water Products, you can speak to the technicians that build the system. Wouldn’t you agree this is the best kind of tech support? 

You also can’t beat the 10-year warranty.  

Before and After Green Fusion Installation

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What is the difference between the Green Fusion and the water softeners I see at Home Depot or Lowes?  

The systems that you see at Home Depot and Lowes are built specifically for the box store retail. They are built to a price point, so the box store can sell on volume. These systems have little consideration for quality, because they want to sell to the masses. And they are not built for specific water quality in AZ.  

Additionally, the box stores provide a limited 1-year warranty on parts and don’t provide a labor warranty.  

Simply put, if you’re going to buy a water treatment system, get one from a local water treatment supplier that provides a 10-year warranty. 

Recent Installations of the Green Fusion System

Green Fusion Installation in Maricopa, AZ
Green Fusion Installation in 
Maricopa, AZ
Green Fusion installation in Tucson, AZ
Green Fusion installation in 
Tucson, AZ
Green Fusion Installation in Phoenix, AZ
Green Fusion Installation in 
Phoenix, AZ

How can I learn more about Ultima Water Products? 

Ultima Water Products,  is the brand name created by Franklin Water Treatment, used on their entire line of water treatment products, such as the Ultima Green Fusion, the Ultima WS1 softener, and the Ultima Green Reverse Osmosis System.  Franklin Water Treatment opened in Mesa, AZ, in 1986 as B&R Industries.  As the company grew their product line and had much success with their high-quality, low cost products, they teamed up with a larger water treatment manufacturer and formed Franklin Water Treatment Group.  Their goal is to produce specific water treatment systems built around our local water quality, using the highest-quality parts, while keeping the price much lower than competitors.”

You can learn more about Franklin Water Treatment and their Ultima product line at their websites here:  and

Green Fusion Water Softener Installation Cost & Reviews

With our many years in business, we have experience installing numerous softeners such as GE, Whirlpool, Krystal Pure and even salt free systems like the Pelican and Aquasana. 

Our vast experience allows us to see what systems have the best performance, most longevity, and which systems are most efficient, using less salt and less water during backwashing. 

Because of our experience, many people ask us, what water softener do we recommend?  

Although the Green Fusion is our most popular system and most preferred by our customers throughout AZ, it’s not always the best system for everyone’s home. If you have questions about what is best for your home, give us a call today so we can discuss.  We’re always happy to help.

Green Fusion Water Softener Reviews

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What is the cost of the Green Fusion?

If you have a water loop and drain (pre-plumbed connections), the average installation cost for a Green Fusion is $2400.00. If your home does not have a soft water loop then the price can vary based on the location of your incoming main water supply. The softener loop is a pre-plumbed piping setup which is used to install a water softener. It’s usually located in the garage and is designed to keep the indoor and outdoor (water spigots & irrigation) water separate. If you don’t have a softener loop, don’t worry, one can be installed.

Can you install a Green Fusion without the loop?

Yes. The Green Fusion can be installed right at your main water supply and can even be installed outside. If your water main is adjacent to your garage, a water loop can easily be created. If you are uncertain of a water loop at your home, let us know, we can help find it or install a new one

Will the Green Fusion need to be serviced?  

No maintenance is required, except for the replenishment of salt or potassium (both work the same as potassium is just a salt substitute) in the brine tank.  This usually needs replenishment every 2-3 months.  

How much salt do I add?  

Salt and potassium come in 40-pound bags from most hardware stores.  One bag at a time is all that’s needed. 

How often will I need to add salt?  

Generally, a family of 4 people will go through a 40-pound bag of salt every two months. 

How often will the system regenerate/backwash?  

This is based on water use and the size unit you get. Typically, it backwashes once every two weeks. 

What are the dimensions of the Green Fusion?

1.0 cubic foot system is 9-inches wide by 55-inches tall.  

1.5 cubic foot system is 11-inches wide by 61-inches tall. 

The brine tanks come in different sizes, based on space and how much salt storage you’d like to have.  Brine tanks come in 11”X11”X 33”, 14”X14”X33, 15”X17”X33, and 18” round x 33”. 

What is the gallon per minute flow rate? 

1.0 Cubic foot system is 12gpm. The 1.5 cubic foot system is 15gpm. 

Are there any performance differences between the potassium and salt?  

No. However, some homeowners reported that salt produces a more slippery feel in the water versus potassium. 

Is the resin crosslinked type? 

All resin is crosslinked. Crosslinked refers to the strength of the bead and how well it resists chlorine damage. The higher the percentage, the better the resin. The Green Fusion uses 10% crosslinked resin.

Is the carbon catalytic media? 

The carbon in the green fusion is coconut shell granular activated carbon.  Coconut shell carbon is known to remove more volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) than other types of carbon. In addition to carbon, the Green Fusion uses KDF media which improves the performance of the carbon. There is a process to catalyze carbon for removal of iron, but that carbon is considerably more expensive, and usually not necessary for the city of Tucson water supply. 

Is the frequency of regeneration based on water hardness programmed?  

Yes, frequency is based on the water hardness programmed, the size of the unit, and the varying amount of water used day to day. The Green Fusion learns about the water use pattern and seeks out the most efficient regeneration schedule.

Can I see the specs sheet?  

Yes, click here to access it.

Is the gallons used for regeneration the same, regardless of hardness setting? 

The water amount used for regeneration does vary with the size of the unit but not the hardness of the water. 

What is the order of the filtration cycle? 

Filtering with carbon and KDF media then onto softener.  By removing chlorine first, you can extend the life of the softener resin bed by as much as 100%.  

Are there health impacts from showering or drinking the water? 

Not unless you have dietary restrictions. For example, water softened from 20 grains hardness will have about 60mg of sodium per gallon.  This is similar to a couple slices of white bread. People who are trying to limit sodium or potassium intake, should consider a reverse osmosis system at the kitchen sink for drinking water.  As for showering impacts, the sodium and potassium molecule in the water is too large to be absorbed through the skin.  

Do we know the precise amount of salt that is left in the water after softening?  

About 25mg per liter when softened from 20 grains. 

What is the unit doing during its regeneration/backwash cycle?  

The backwash starts by reversing the flow through the softener and lifts the resin beads to have better contact with the brine. The unit then does a brine draw/slow rinse, which is the stage where the brine performs the ion exchange of sodium onto the bead.  The hardness is then washed down the drain while rinsing the brine. The unit will then do a second backwash to fluff the resin beads followed by a rapid settle rinse. In the last step, the system will put the exact amount of water back in the brine tank to prepare a solution for the next regeneration. 

What is the decibel level during regeneration? 

The volume is similar to a washing machine during the spin cycle. 

Are settings retained in a power outage? 

Yes, settings are stored and will stay locked indefinitely. The time of day will need to be reset after a power outage. 

Will the salt from the softener be bad for my plants? 

Not in every case. It depends on the plant. If you have a water loop, you wouldn’t need to worry about salt on your plants.  If you don’t have a water loop, you can consider installing one, or you could use potassium, which is known to be less abrasive on plants. 

Is the Green Fusion an upflow or downflow softener? 

It’s normally made as a downflow system, but they do have an upflow option. We don’t see any performance differences between the two, so downflow build is the standard. 

Is the Green Fusion Certified?  

All of the parts that make up the Green Fusion are NSF and WQA certified.